Freshly grilled pork knuckle

Every Thursday from April to October

The hallmark of German cooking, Eisbein (pork knuckle), also known as Haxe, Haxn, Schweinshaxe, Knöchla, Hechse, Hämmche or Botel. It is also known as Haspel in Hesse, Stelze in Austria, Schweinshaxn in Bavaria, Knöchla in Franconia, and Gnagi or Wädli in Switzerland.

The name Eisbein comes from the shape of the sturdy tubular bone, which resembles an ice skating blade. The theory is that Scandinavians used to travel on the ice using blades made of from pig’s shin bones. One word is particularly important in connection with our Haxn:

“Guad!” (Good!)