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Weinbauer Restaurant Bad Wiessee at the Tegernsee

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Weinbauer is the name of our restaurant in Bad Wiessee, and is the oldest wine tavern in the town. The family-run business near the lake provides its guests with a cosy atmosphere and regional, fresh, high-quality cuisine. Enjoy your food in our traditional restaurant or in the fresh air of our courtyard garden. As well as our delicious regional delicacies, there are also 70 quality wines on the wine menu, mainly from German producers. We use regional, local products in our dishes, and everything is freshly prepared. The menu is rounded off with seasonal daily and weekly specials.

Opening hours

Daily 5pm – 11pm


+49 (0) 80 22 – 66 49 0

Wine tavern and courtyard garden

Biergarten Am Tegernsee Bad Wiessee

Take advantage of the good weather sitting with friends and enjoying life – there’s nowhere better for it than in a traditional, Bavarian beer garden. The courtyard garden of our wine tavern is the perfect proof of this! Visit us and enjoy a delicious wine, good food and savour the sociable atmosphere.

Weinbauer's Wines

The large wine selection has made Weinbauer famous in Bad Wiessee. The quality wines, which are predominantly German, are served in the traditional quarter-litre carafes. The decision as to which wines to serve is made by the hosts themselves, after extensive tasting has taken place. The result is a selection of wines the guests can trust to be outstanding. Be it Baden, Franconian, Rhenish or international wines, you are guaranteed to find a tipple that suits your palate at the Weinbauer restaurant.

Our delicacy

Freshly grilled pork knuckle

Every Thursday from April to October

Fancy a pork knuckle?

The hallmark of German cooking, Eisbein (pork knuckle), also known as Haxe, Haxn, Schweinshaxe or Botel in German. It is also known as Haspel in Hesse, Stelze in Austria, Schweinshaxn in Bavaria, Knöchla in Franconia, and Wädli in Switzerland.

The name Eisbein comes from the shape of the sturdy tubular bone, which resembles an ice skating blade. The theory is that Scandinavians used to travel on the ice using blades made of from pig's shin bones. One word is particularly important in connection with our Haxn:

"Guad!" (Good!)


Every Tuesday from May to October - with music!


(Steckerl, Bavarian for “small stick, rod”) is a fish grilled on a skewer, a speciality from the Bavarian Alpine foothills and Upper Austria, primarily served in beer gardens and at folk festivals. It has nothing to do with Stockfisch, which is the German word for dried cod.

Traditionally, Steckerlfisch is prepared using whitefish or bream caught in local lakes and rivers, but nowadays it is also prepared using farmed fish such as trout and char as well as mackerel and other salt-water fish.

With music!


There are few dishes among Bavarian beer garden delicacies which are as typical as Obatzda. Traditionally, original Bavarian Obatzda consists of Camembert, butter, paprika, caraway, onions, salt, pepper and a dash of wheat beer. This recipe goes back to a landlady from Freising called Katharina Eisenreich, from the “Weihenstephaner” brewery that was located there. She was the first person to offer her guests Obatzda to nibble on in 1920. Obatzda then went from “Poor People’s Food” to a Bavarian snack speciality.

Crispy salad and cheese

Every menu should have a touch of the exotic, and enthusiasts of somewhat unusual Bavarian-German dishes will also find what they are looking for in the menu of the wine tavern. Cheese lovers will adore the grilled goat’s cheese or combining their food with chunks of strong Alpine cheese and fig mustard. For a light snack, we have couscous salad with prawns or our winter salad with grilled chicken breast.

Bouillons and Soups

Connoisseurs of Alpine cooking will appreciate the hearty soups from bygone times. Fine broths and stews in the restaurant’s own style are also highly regarded by visitors to our restaurant. A classic soup using a traditional recipe is tasty and nutritious at the same time! The soup is served with a selection of garnishes which are typical of the region in accordance with requirements. Be it meatballs, pancake strips, liver dumplings or Maultaschen (similar to Ravioli), we can provide anything your heart desires.

Regional meat dishes

The specialities from the grill on our menu are another highlight of the cuisine in the Weinbauer pub. Enjoy our delicious, grilled rump steak or our large grill platter with pieces of steak and chicken breast as well as venison sausage, all served with a portion of potatoes au gratin – simply heavenly. Of course, we pay attention to the origins of our meat and use fresh, regional produce.

The perfect delicacy for every taste

Weinbauer Hotel Shop

Hotel Shop Weinbauer Sales Counter

You will find small souvenirs, delicious treats from the region and beautiful arts & crafts in the Weinbauer Hotel Shop. We always stock a good selection of wines, and also whiskies and spirits. There are also cheeses, bacon, chocolate and much more. We also arrange wine tastings for individuals and groups.

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The Hotel Bellevue has been a considerately managed family business for more than 30 years, representing hospitality, trust and also the symbiosis of tradition and innovation. As well as 25 guest rooms, the hotel has its own shop and the Weinbauer restaurant with adjacent beer garden. The topic of sustainability has also become a priority as far as we are concerned, and we are only too happy to devote ourselves to sustainability measures. One of our new projects was the setting up of an e-charging station, which we can now offer to our guests as an additional, environmentally-friendly service.

We are delighted to be involved in this project, and would be pleased to show the measures that we have already taken, as well as future strategies for leaving a green footprint.

Our other measures:

  • “Nach einem guten Kaffee verzeiht man sogar den Eltern.” (After a good coffee you can even forgive your parents) -Oscar Wilde … we therefore obtain our coffee from a regional coffee roaster, not only to provide a unique taste, but also to support our company philosophy by promoting local companies.
  • Supporting regional providers and therefore not only guaranteeing quality but also reducing delivery distances. This is why we always ensure that we give local products top priority
  • We have also made progress in the energy area, and only use energy-efficient LED lights Procurement of a company electric car to minimise CO2 emissions
  • Procurement of a company electric car to minimise CO2 emissions
  • Installation of new calorific gas heating technology
  • Energy study of the entire property by “Green Active”
  • The “Tegernsee Card”. This is a special service for our guests which we have used for many years to encourage the use of public transport and act in a consciously ecological way.